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Ensign Selfix 320 How to load film

A good customer recently sent me an email asking “on what window do I use for 6×4.5 and 6×9 with an Ensign Selfix 320?” As I have never used one, nor could I locate any information to answer his question. I therefore decided to purchase one to see if I could work it out for myself. A purchase worth while I might add, but more about that later.

Below is a photo illustrating where you advance film to for each format, (6×4.5 and 6×9)

One thing to note with the 320, its easy to make double exposures. Like me I have to learn to get into the habit of winding on directly after taking a picture and then not doubting myself later. I have used the 320 in the 6×9 format and have to say that the camera produces some great results, see below. In fact its quite impressive for such a vintage folder.  Hope you find this of help and get much fun from your Ensign Selfix 320 as I do.

If anyone should happen to read this who does have the instructions for the Ensign 320 Selfix then a scanned copy would be nice if you could spare the time. Please feel free to message me, thank you.

Porsche dealership taken with ensign 320

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