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Ensign Selfix 320 How to load film

A good customer recently sent me an email asking “on what window do I use for 6×4.5 and 6×9 with an Ensign Selfix 320?” As I have never used one, nor could I locate any information to answer his question. I therefore decided to purchase one to see if I could work it out for […]

Voigtlander Vito I

I have had this camera knocking around for some time on my desk. It was bought with the intention of selling it on for a little profit, that was until I discovered that there was a problem with the shutter. The slow speeds were very slow, to the point of myself being able to make […]

Contact Print Frame Repair

I was not going to add this to the website at first. Then I discovered a couple of negatives sat on top of each other still in the print frame. The glass was cracked, the leather that joined the two lifting doors to the rear was rotten. Other than this it was in rather good […]

Camera leather – Re-cover a Praktica MTL3

How to re-cover a Praktica MTL3 in camera leather. The Praktica MTL3 and MTL5 early models are both the most easiest cameras to re-skin. The reason for this is because the earlier models didn’t have a self timer to cut out and the old skins lift very easily. Before we delve into the steps involved […]

Replacement Camera Light Seal Foam – Mixed Selection

A great selection of replacement camera light seal foam all in one pack has now been added to the shop. I have taken great care and time to select the best camera seal foams available, these include open and closed cell foams both traditional and modern. This mixed selection pack is ideal as a first […]