Actina Optical Lens Cleaner


Actina Anti-Static Optical Lens Cleaner for all coated and uncoated precision optics.

Favored by professional and amateur photographers worldwide.

Actina is carefully formulated and made in a small batch process here in the UK. Small batch production insures quality is met at a more controlled output rate.

Alcohol-free not only makes this optical lens cleaner superior for cameras, microscopes and telescopes. But also great for international travel. Tested safe for handheld device screens with proven performance for cutting through touchscreen finger grease and being smear free makes Actina the clear choice.

Size: 25ml

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Producing small batch superior optical lens cleaners in London, UK. Actina has been the photographers choice since it’s lens accessory manufacturing days of yesteryear.

Actina optical lens cleaners have been formulated and tested to be used with the following:

  • All Coated Precision Optical Lenses
  • Handheld Devices
  • All Coated Eye Glasses
  • All Glass Lens Filters

Actina – simply the clear choice for all serious photographers


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