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Voigtlander Vito I

I have had this camera knocking around for some time on my desk. It was bought with the intention of selling it on for a little profit, that was until I discovered that there was a problem with the shutter. The slow speeds were very slow, to the point of myself being able to make […]

Fujica ST605 Test Roll Review

I recently bought this camera to purposely do a light seal replacement tutorial for a good customer who had asked me if it was possible. It sure was possible and great fun to do, the tutorial can be seen here. I enjoy using slr’s as a general walk around camera and especially for events/shows. Most […]

Replacement Camera Light Seal Foam – Mixed Selection

A great selection of replacement camera light seal foam all in one pack has now been added to the shop. I have taken great care and time to select the best camera seal foams available, these include open and closed cell foams both traditional and modern. This mixed selection pack is ideal as a first […]

Lens Caps Off to Moshi Monsters Holga

Lens Caps Off to Moshi Monsters Holga indeed! I always like to see photography being introduced to kids through the media they watch on television or in the books they read. Why? Because I feel it helps to develop an interest or a small connection with photography at an early age. I believe that photography […]

100 Years since first Compur Shutter was Introduced

In August 1962 a note was passed from the Friedrich Deckel firm to the UK’s Amateur Photographer Magazine reminding them that it was 50 years this month since the first Compur shutter was introduced. Although patents were applied for in 1910 for a Compur type shutter, it seems it took two years before they became […]