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A Panoramic Medium Format Camera Is Born – F.A.C II

Last month I made a post about the recovering of a Minolta Autocord by Lee Lira from Australia, found here. Since that post, Lee has been busy working on making a Panoramic Medium Format Camera. When he told me that he intended to do this, I replied that it would be great to see what […]

Asahi Pentax Spotmatic SP Test Roll Review

I recently bought this camera to replace my beloved Canon FTb QL. The FTb decided to give up on me with the rewind mechanism slipping. I decided it best to replace it and fix the FTb at a later date once I had more time. I used my FTb mostly with M42 lenses via the […]

Minolta Autocord Red Leather Custom Covers

Milly’s cameras are always pleased to receive feedback from customers and when Lee from Australia got in touch with us, we were delighted with his results. So much so, that we decided, with his permission to make this post about his restoration. Lee tells us, being my 1st ever covering I found it a bit […]

Kodak D-23 Developer

Recently I have been experimenting with mixing my own developers, something that should be done with great care I might add. My intentions were to find a better developing partner for Fomapan 200, (35mm format). I had up until a few weeks back been using Kodak D-76, and while I had great results with other […]

Pentax K1000 Red & Black Snake Custom Covers

We’ve got a new customer from down under! Chris, from outback Australia, is an avid photographer and collector. He’s sent us photos of his Pentax K1000 sporting our Red & Black Snake skin leatherette. His skills at cutting and recovering cameras are exceptional. As the photos clearly show, his attention to detail is that of […]