Milly's Cameras, a mint condition Konica Auto S2Welcome to the home of Milly’s Cameras, my aim is simple, I work hard at producing easy to follow camera repair tutorials and posting related information for the avid camera collector. I also produce quality camera repair materials, parts and refurbished cameras all at affordable prices, via my shop page.

I have been collecting cameras and photography memorabilia for 16 years, at one time had in excess of 600 cameras. With the birth of my youngest son I realised this had to be reduced. It was hard but I managed to whittle them down to 15, all of which I maintain and use on a regular basis. I do treat myself to a new addition from time to time. But the rule is that I must sell one in place of it, very tough to stick too!

I started to repair cameras 13 years ago and at the time it was difficult sourcing the correct parts and materials. With the birth of the internet this changed but I found that prices were set way too high, so I set about changing this. My journey has been a long one as the materials are not readily available to the public and in some cases tooling has been lost along with the skills. Although I have been associated in camera collecting and restoration for a long time my journey has really just begun. I am continuously updating, bettering my products, prices Milly's Cameras 1950's Balda Baldixand introducing new items along with learning new skills and re-investing in the machinery/equipment needed to produce further products.

As a supplier to camera shops, dealers and repairers, I offer discounts on larger orders. If you are interested with bulk ordering then please feel free to contact me for more details. I also sell real leather with self adhesive backing in 26 different colours and varied finishes. If there is something that you are after that is a bit unique then please do contact me, and I will do my best to help.

I would like to thank my friends and customers for continuously shopping with me, without you and none of this would of been possible. Thank you!